Cosmo Miner Post #3

Introducing: Itemstacks

Items are stored in itemstacks, wich can be on the map or as inventory in Entitys like the player or vehicles.

Some entitys on the ground, some in stacks, some single.


This is the first implementation of an inventory-system, click / touch an item to put it nto the other stack.

itemmanagment1 itemmanagment2

The top one is the stack of the cosmonaut (or is it an astronaut? im not sure…)

The bottom ones are the items that are on the ground.


Introducing: The minimap

minimap2 minimap

It is possible to drag the minimap, Zomm in and Zoom out, and important entitys are shown as small symbols

Those are actually only the taikonaut (or was it an astronaut?) and the rocket.

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Cosmo Miner Post #2

Introducing the “Fog of War” feature,


Darkness falls around you, on places where you have not been for a while :)
To fix this, there will be “lamps” later on, wich will keep the Fog of War revealed near them.

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Cosmo Miner Post #1

The project takes it first steps,

The plan is, to make a game where you not just mine, its more about create an infastructure to let all the goods being transported automatically the mined materials and needed stuff into the ground and out of the ground and trade the mined stuff with a spaceship and order equip and construction kits, and vehicles with it.
And also if i get that far with this project, maybe about protecting the infastructure from hostiles, deliver energy

But thats a long way, so that the first step is to create a basic mining game, and then extend it step by step with the new objects and features.

the "base" wich is a fancy Rocket :)

the “base” wich is a fancy Rocket :)

Mined very Deep

Mined very Deep

The first map in action

The first map in action

All Graphics made by myself, most of them are Placeholders for now^^

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New Project: Cosmo Miner

Started a New project: Cosmo Miner (Project name).
A 2D game about mining, i know there are alot of Games like this out there, but when i was a child, i enjoyed the game Diggers (Amiga, Dos) and so since a while i want to make a Game wich feels similiar to this, well with some gameplay changings.

You play a cosmonaut (no astronaut, no spaceman, no taikonaut, just a cosmonaut) wich is mining ressources on a Planet, and is requestet to bring the ressources to his Spaceship.
Sell the stuff, buy new Equipment, and Create a Mining Infastructure to make the Mining more efficient.
Thats just the Core Concept, more will come later :)

Target Plattforms are Mobile Devices (Android, Windows Phone), Browser (html5) and a desktop (Windows, Linux) Version.

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